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Adult Book Review - The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World at Your Fingertips

The Clitoral Truth:  The Secret World at Your Fingertips

By Rebecca Chalker

Do you know how many parts the clitoris has?  One?  Try EIGHTEEN! With 6,000 � 8,000 nerve endings on its tiny glans (the pea-sized part most of us think of as the entire clitoris), an extensive network of nerves, muscles and tissue connecting to the urethra, pelvic floor, vagina, anus and skeleton, the clitoris is a truly amazing and extensive organ system whose only function is pleasure.  Rebecca Chalker�s thorough diagramming and easy to understand explanation of the development, function, stimulation and anatomy of the female genitals is a must read if you�re interested in discovering more about your or your partner�s sexual pleasure center.


Chalker takes us through the ages to discover why knowledge of the female genitalia has been neglected for so long.  It wasn�t always that way � for thousands of years the medical and midwife community knew how extensive and important the clitoris system was, but that knowledge was suppressed in the Victorian Era and thereafter in an attempt to bring women�s sexuality under control.  Why?  For fear of women disrupting the male-ordered construct of civilization, of course.  Who knows what a woman will do if she discovers her own voracious sexual appetite?!  Well, it�s time to bring that knowledge back and find out!


Chalker�s philosophy is, if a woman knows her anatomy and how it works, which frankly most women (including women doctors) do not, she can�t help but have better, more fulfilling sex play.  Empowerment takes place on an individual physical and psychological level, and there is a lot of power to be gained by making friends with the clitoris!  Chalker also fills us in on the history of dildos, the mystery of female ejaculation, the physiology of orgasms, tips on masturbation and use of sex toys and videos to enhance sexual pleasure.











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