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ElectroSex products and Coupons. Get informed to get the Buzz!

Let us start with a simple warning.  Playing with electricity is not for amateurs!  Be well educated before using any time of electro play!

The following article is for informative reasons only and is a collection of  information from various sources.  You should never play with electricity if you do not know which are doing.  Even using a 9V battery for electric sex play can be dangerous. never allow the electrical current to pass through the chest and near the heart never play with someone who has any type of heart problems.  Always play below the waist!


Some of our affiliates have different types of electrical gear to offer.  These devices include butt plugs and dildos, Violet wands, contact pads, cock rings, pinwheel, electrical tit clamps, electric gloves and insertable anal & vaginal eggs. Click here for a selection of electric sex toys.

All these products attached to a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electro-Neural Stimulation) this device controls of the electrical current, and offers different settings.  They allow different power settings and different frequency of electric stimulation in many types of tens units and the prices very.  Some are even operated by remote control.