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A Catalina release
Directed by Josh Elliot
The opening scene starts off with 2 fairly attractive guys doing it on a boat. I'm just not sure I understood why there was a woman who was singing in the background. (I think they wanted to give it a real movie like feel with an intro). I started to fast forward the beginning scene, and when one does in a porn then you know we are in trouble.
Much to my surprise they were actually trying to throw a plot in this picture.
Why they bother making these boys memorize lines is beyond me. Just let them do what they do best. Their attempt at "acting" was far too distracting from the real plot of sucking and f**king.
The next scene involved some janitor and a business man, I guess its good, if you are really horny and haven't relieved yourself in over a week. But otherwise, I think you will fast forward this scene too. Suddenly the main characters boy toy gets shot and killed and they actually throw a sentimental boat ride scene after that. (mildly amusing)
The next scene involved 4 boys playing while their teacher was out. I actually watched the majority of this. Hot boys doing hot things! That's what porn is all about. They threw in a preview of Cole Tucker which kept me tuned in.
There was a pool scene that actually has some value to it. Lots of men, and they were all wet. There was even some underwater action. It was shamelessly interrupted to progress the "plot". But they made up for it by throwing in another scene with Cole. Towards the end it turned into a bad 007 without the $30 million budget. The only good think was the backdrop to the final scene was at the annual leather man contest which included a hot leather bathroom scene.
I must admit they saved the best for last. It took place backstage at the leather man contest. Now this is the reason one gets porn. 6 studs going at! HOT HOT HOT!
This leads to the cat and mouse chase scene at the end of the flick which was actually rather amusing. It fun to see how bad, bad acting can be!
By the end I was actually more amused by their "plot line" than the actual reason one gets a porn.


- Mr. D




Spit 'N' Leather
A Catalina release
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
It starts off with rather long and boring intro which gives away the entire movie.
The action finally starts with 2 guys doing their thing which involved a lot of spitting. Hence, "Spit 'n' Leather. The hottest thing about this scene was once one of the men had reached completion he starts licking and eating his own c*m. Probably one of the hottest actions I have seen.
The second scene was more of a "fast forward" than anything else. But I did stop to look at the c*m shots. whatever.
The third scene seemed like it was set in the late 80's, bad clothes and bad music, but they did throw in that c*m eating for good measure.
I fast forwarded the next scene because I was wondering if this movie was going to involve any penetration, much to my dismay there wasn't one
The best scene in this flick, by far, is the one with our Australian buddy, Andy Lennox. Just his chaps got me going.  It's quite the master slave scene, and boy does Andy take and talk command.
The preview for Big Guns 2 with some hot army boys seems to have more potential than this movie. But I must admit I did get Spit 'n' Leather based on their preview in another flick
By the end of the movie I had really realized that there was not 1, NOT 1 f**king scene (I think I was in denial). It was all oral and lots of spit, if you like that, then this is the movie for you. (with some c*m eating thrown in, of course!) Not one of Chi Chi's best.


- Mr. D.





The Final Link
An All Worlds Video release
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
The third installment in an unprecedented series. What can I say. I was hard and almost finished  just by the intro and cast list. It starts off with 4 hot cops going at it.  Then we jump to a cop in a jail cell scene with some bad boy prisoners. The cop is forced to use his night stick!
The last scene on tape 1 finally gets us into the leather men and their tattoos with some hot dildo action.
The beginning of the second tape starts of with a masturbating sequence and quickly gets into beer and jock strap action. These men like their beer, all over. It left me dripping. This scene also includes a hot triple decker f**k.
The next scene involves another solo, and moves right on to a hot bathroom sequence.
The Final scene starts off with 2 hot studs, and I mean hot! And little by little more guys start walking on and joining in on the action What started off with 2 guys ends with about 12 hot MEN going at in an a non stop sucking and f**king orgy. (just imagine all the c*m that takes place at the end) And if you thought the triple decker was hot before, Chi Chi adds another guy in for an impressive simultaneous 4 man f**k.
Even though it was approximately 2 �  hours long  I was still wanted more, not that I had anything left in me. But don't be fooled by the second tape, they could have fit it all on to one, it was just a nice stunt by production.
The Final Link will leave you high, but definitely not dry! What an impressive piece of work. It has something in it for everyone. From pretty boys to their leather daddies, from jocks to cops. Each scene has at least, at least 4 hot, hard and hung men in it. I have to hand it to the director Chi Chi LaRue, this was the best I have ever seen.
- Kevin, OH



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