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Free gay screen saver and hot gay wallpaper

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I have been asked many times by surfers if I knew of any free gay screen saver programs that were safe to download. Up till now I would always respond, "No. Don't download anything like that on your computer!" It is a common trick by online scammers to offer free nude screen savers, games, porn or anything else while installing spyware, adware or malware on your machine. Part of the reason Mature Coupons exists is to be a  filter between you the surfer, and the wild adult online world.

I have found a site that offers a good gay screen saver, with wall paper and customizable background entertainment with a promise not to install spyware! Imagine getting a free nude screen saver every week or even every day. Having a hot nude man doing pushups for your pleasure. Talk about inspiration!

So what is the coupon twist on this you may ask. Well the company which creates virtuaguy is offering a FREE trial of the program. Click on the image link for your free download demo.

Aside from getting your own private gay stud dancer you can also customize how often he will show and send postcards to your friends... Imagine a "meet my new boy friend" to your X....


Check it out and enjoy!