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From the legal world to the world of sex education�how I became a sex toy sales girl

One Sunday in our most recent New York City winter, I attended a party at a friend�s apartment that promised to teach me more about sex, sex toys and pleasuring techniques.  I�ve always had a dirty sense of humor and suffer from unprovoked candor, so the party was a perfect fit for my personality. During the party (or �salon�, as it was called), our educator taught us how to look for the G-spot, how to take advantage of the large nerve network surrounding and branching out from the clitoris, and instructed us (verbally) on beginner�s anal sex.  We discussed some women�s experiences and mishaps during puberty, and how the underlying ignorance of our bodies was perpetuated throughout the rest of our lives (just take a look at the insert in a tampon box, which is STILL anatomically incorrect).  I learned the functions of several vibrators and sex toys � one vibrator was used for stimulating the clitoris while another vibrator was used for the G-spot; one sex toy was for the tush, and another was good for using on a male partner for prostate stimulation.  Some toys used batteries, others didn�t need them.

Coming from a sexually repressed, conservative upbringing, anything that promised open discussion about sexuality got my attention.  So when I met the presenter of the sex education salon, I blurted out �I�m a lawyer but I don�t want to one be anymore.�  She happened to also be the founder of the company that gave the salons, and immediately said �Really?  Come work for me!� 

That was easy, I thought!  I said �Um�ok!�, and we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers.

Why the switch?  Long nights at a big corporate firm had gotten me down, after I realized how much I was prostituting my mind and time for money and prestige.  It�s hard to motivate yourself to work such grueling hours when you don�t respect the people above you, and the management had done a lot to erode my former respect for them.  I know it�s the same with any job, but over the last year it became clear to me how much I didn�t like working for someone else, so after two and half years of practice, I quit the law and started working as a sex education consultant.  It was a surprisingly easy transition.

The week after that party, I attended a training session with other potential sales associates and began to familiarize myself with the products.  I learned more about the toys for the tush, the special vibrators and dildos for the G-spot, �fun� dildos in jewel toned jelly material, and books on anal sex, to name a few items.  Everything was presented in a way that was entertaining, informative, and attractive.  All of the items came in cobalt blue satin bags that were intended to remind the buyer that sex toys are intended as pleasure enhancers, and finally we have an attractive way to present them. 

I began to realize that I was providing an important service to women by introducing them to pleasure they otherwise wouldn�t have known, because of they were intimidated by sex toy shops or were too embarrassed to ask friends.  I was educating them about their own bodies, which has a positive effect on their sex lives (and of course those of their partners!).  I was hooked.

And that�s how my article and involvement in Mature Coupons came about � everything I learn, I pass on, because we all need to know more about having fun and playing nice with others.  And women need to take the lead in bringing that education about, because their knowledge is most lacking.  I am also a co-founder of Mature Coupons and the representative to our women-friendly adult sites.  Spread the happiness!  That�s my philosophy.  We can have happy women AND happy men in the world if more women learn about their own sexuality and pleasure; it�s my own brand of feminism � the sexy kind.

Since I started with sex education, I�ve won weekly sales awards (token gifts of chocolate and other fun prizes) and have been told that my face lights up every time I mention my job.  Funny, I don�t remember hearing that when I was a lawyer!  J




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