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1. What is a Mature Coupon / Sex Coupon / Love Coupon / Adult Coupon / Sex Coupon / Gay Coupon...?

1. Many of you have used a coupon or a coupon code before at the super market, record store or online. These are number or letter codes that you enter when you check out of one of our adult sites. The coupon code gives you a discount, free shipping, bonus sex toy or other promotional product on your purchase.


2. Where do I place the adult coupon code?

2. Unfortunately there is not one clear answer to this question. Different sites set up coupon links in different ways. Some apply the coupon automatically when you click through mature coupons, you need not enter anything. Others will have a clear field titled "Enter adult coupon here" or something of this nature. Others may have a box for Comments in which case you would enter the adult coupon code there. We at Mature Coupons try to make your coupon shopping process as easy as possible. If you ever have a problem with an adult coupon affiliate, contact us and we will be happy to help!


3. Why did you create an adult coupon code site?

3. We thought, "Why should paying for adult sites, adult sex toys or erotic clothing be any different from buying anything else?"  Why should people pay full price for sex products just because they have the word "sex" in them? We think it is hard enough for someone to actually go to an adult sex store and buy a sex toy or leather gear but to give the guy behind the cash register a coupon for a sex toy is even harder. Online adult shopping is so much easier and applying coupon codes is simple, and you don't have to be embarrassed about buying erotica.


4. What kind of adult frugal shopping promotions do you offer?

4. This is an ever changing answer. Some merchants offer percentage-off discounts, others will give you free shipping, while some will throw in a free adult DVD or free jockstrap when you purchase their products.   Keep checking the Mature Coupons site for new offers and goodies!


5. Do I have to pay for these coupons?

5. No! Unlike other coupon sites where you have to enroll, pay or sign up for newsletters, Mature Coupons does not require any form of payment.  If you like our adult site, you use it, that�s it!


6. What is an Adult AVS?

6. An AVS is an Adult Verification Service or Age Verification Service. It is a system adult sites use to make sure anyone who accesses their site is of legal age.


7. Why do I need to enter my credit card with the free Age Verification Service?

7. When you enter your credit card you are proving your age, thus protecting yourself and the owner of the adult site. Your credit card will not be charged unless you continue with any trial offer that comes along with the subscription.


8.  Why do some adult frugal shopping sites look 'amateurish'?

8. Some of our sites don't have fancy flash web pages and sleek designs because they are owned by companies that focus on their adult product - not advertising. By saving money on advertising and expensive web design they are able to offer coupons and discounts to people like you! Most of these are independently owned so their products are original and of good quality.

9. Is this site straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender?

9. All of the above. We rate each site with a yellow box that appears when you put your mouse over a link. By doing this you can determine who the target audience is. We like the fact that our site is a portal to diverse people and not distinguished by being gay or straight. You can use a gay coupon, lesbian coupon and get a straight sex AVS all in one place!


10. How do you rate mature sites?

10. We mainly rate according to the site's available coupon offers, our own test of their sites and services and YOUR comments.


11. I have a problem with one of the sites.

11. Though we take no responsibility for the sites we link to, we will contact the site on your behalf to try to sort out the issue. If the mature site was at fault it will reflect poorly on the way we rate them. In some cases we might even delete them from the Mature Coupons site.


12. I hate the site!

12. Please tell us why. We would love to hear constructive criticism so we can improve our adult directory.


13. I love the site, how can I help?

13. Thank you! You can help us by telling your friends, linking to us and coming back. Next time you want to buy a vibrator, a penis pump or a few more adult DVDs remember us. If you link through Mature Coupons you help us, our clients and yourself. The more sales we generate the more negotiation power we have, which results in better discounts that we pass on to you. Make sure to tell your friends about us and recommend our site to anyone who likes sex coupons!






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