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Insatiable G

The Insatiable G is a purple jelly dual vibrator that looks a little like a sink faucet - one of the less attractive vibes but well worth it in power, convenience and value.
What is a dual vibe?  Dual vibes have separate vibrating parts to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris.  The Insatiable G hits the G-spot with a curved jelly appendage powered by one vibrating "egg", and the clitoris is well taken care of with a knobby jelly head that contains another egg.  The vibes are both variable speed, each separately controlled by opposite sides of a remote control (attached to the vibe with wires), so you can use one or both vibes at the same time.  The great thing about remote controls is that your arms and hands can be in a much more comfortable position while you're still reaching the good parts!


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