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Puppetry of the Penis

So, two guys from Australia grew up playing with their penises (a little more than usual) and put together a show to celebrate the fact.  I know, it sounds awful, but it really is a lot of fun, and like they say, "Ladies, where else are you going to be encouraged to look at a guy's penis for an hour AND LAUGH??"

There's not much to say about the performance itself, artistically at least, but in my own way I considered it liberating and educational to really sit and stare at a penis, to see what it can go through without causing any pain, to see what contortions it's capable of, and to learn (from audience groans and laughs) what other men have tried to do with it.

Look for this stage performance when it comes to your area!

What you can learn from this show:  guys and girls can learn a lot about the penis itself, what it's capable of and what some guys are up to with it, all while having a good laugh!



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