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Night Dreams Virginia - Adult store review




Location:  Tysons Corner, Virginia - Night Dreams
Products:  Adult toys for men and women, strap-on harnesses, wigs, gloves, boas, shoes and boots, sexy costumes, fetish wear, videos, DVDs, books, cards, BDSM equipment and accessories, lingerie, and novelty gifts and party favors.  My favorite section was their how-to books on everything from vanilla sex to BDSM.
Did I feel comfortable?  Yes.  Night Dreams is a women-owned store and always has women sales associates and/or managers on the floor.  Male sales associates are chosen for their ability to make any customer - female, male, transvestite, transsexual - comfortable and welcome, and everyone is trained to become familiar with the products before starting (including sizing conversions for transvestites).  Visible tattoos and piercing are kept to a minimum, and the staff is required to wear a simple uniform of black pants and a black shirt displaying the store's logo.  Linda, the assistant manager on duty during my visit, assured me that the focus of the store is to make the customer feel welcome without feeling pressured, comfort is the key here; everyone is greeted when they enter the door but are left to their own devices when shopping, although help is available from the friendly and knowledgeable sales staff if requested.
Clientele:  Set in a strip mall next to a Gold's Gym, the store caters to a broad range of clients, including office workers from the nearby industrial parks, shoppers in the main mall, gym rats, truckers, and out of towners making a special trip to town for sex toys and supplies.  The main mall is also a great cover for someone ready to do some serious shopping but too shy to go to a stand-alone store!
Extras:  Discounts on products are available to strippers and dancers with proof of employment.  Sales associates can also give home parties for men and/or women to display and explain the products from the store.
Contact info:  Night Dreams, 8373 Leesburg Pike, Tysons Corner, Virgina 22182, (703) 556-8839.






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