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Night Dreams Maryland - Adult store review




Location:  Bethesda, Maryland - Night Dreams
Products:  Adult toys for men and women, strap-on harnesses, wigs, gloves, boas, shoes and boots, sexy costumes, fetish wear, videos, DVDs, books, cards, BDSM equipment and accessories, lingerie, and novelty gifts and party favors.  My favorite section was their beautiful selection of glass dildos, vibrators, "juicers" (dildos with a raised spiral going down the shaft that is meant to be twisted by its handle after insertion for more stimulation) and anal toys.  Also, there is a wide range of instructional videos on performing oral sex, stripping for your lover, and increasing your sexual expertise for both male and female viewers.
Did I feel comfortable?  Yes.  Night Dreams is a women-owned store and always has women sales associates and/or managers on the floor.  Male sales associates are chosen for their ability to make any customer - female, male, transvestite, transsexual - comfortable and welcome, and everyone is trained to become familiar with the products before starting (including sizing conversions for transvestites).  Visible tattoos and piercings are kept to a minimum, and the staff is required to wear a simple uniform of black pants and a black shirt displaying the store's logo.  Melissa, the assistant manager on duty during my visit, explained that sales associates are also well-versed in sex play and some have side businesses that include (fully legal) dominatrix services, educational classes in BDSM play, and in home product demonstrations.
Clientele:  Bethesda being a pretty conservative area, most of the ! clients come from political offices and office buildings and often are nervous about being in an adult toy store, so the staff is accustomed to answering questions (or coaxing questions out of) shy shoppers and are also sensitive to a client's concerns about being discreet.

Contact info:  Night Dreams, 4866 Cordell Ave., Bethesda, Maryland 20814, (301) 986-4711.





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