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Ever wanted to own your own website and generate some passive income? Here we will help you understand how to set up an affiliate program from an array of online merchants.


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Q: Do I need a website to generate online passive income?

A: No. you can get banner links and text links that you insert into an email, discussion group, distribution list and anywhere else you can think of posting online - always remember not to spam!

Q: What is spamming?

A: Spamming is basically harassing people when advertising your link. We all have gotten Penis enlargement, Mortgage and Viagra Ads in our email. Normally people do not like this kind of harassment and you can find yourself banned from both the affiliate program and your Internet Service provider.

Q: Is it better to sign up to non Adult affiliate programs or Adult programs?

A: Depends. You see most Adult related sites are targeted towards adults looking for online pornography, sex toys, or dating. The commission rate for adult sites ranges around the 15%-25%. On the other hand non Adult sites give commission rates between 1% - 5% on average. Now these numbers are our experiences and the numbers may very. In general the adult industry pays it's affiliates much higher rates than mainstream online merchants.

Q: How quickly can I see revenue?

A: If you have a site or distribution list with a lot of potential buyers, the revenue can be instantaneous. However if you are starting fresh you will need to build a client list which is done by getting the word out there (postings, emails online advertising...) just remember not to spam.


Q: Where should I advertise?

A: Google and Yahoo are obvious choices. They generate millions of searches every hour. You can pay to get your site included for just several cents a click.

Q: What keywords should I use?

A: Search engine optimization and key word selection  is a very big subject and I will not go into it now. However I will say, try to target your audience. If you have a site dedicated to a Dominatrix stick with key words pertaining to the subject and use use general keywords such as "sex". If you do you could find yourself depleting your daily advertising fund in minutes.

Q: How exactly will the passive income, "come" ?

A: Once you decide to join an online merchants affiliate program, you will need to enter your personal information. For US citizens it usually means Social Security number or Tax ID (setting up a tax ID, also knows as an Employer identification number an easy process this way you don't have to give out your Social security number - click here for more info) You give your mailing address, email address, Username and Password, choose your payment method (direct deposit, check, Paypal - Click here to setup a Paypal account). Once you are done entering your information you will probably have to wait for an email confirming your acceptance to the affiliate program. This usually comes within 24 hours. The email will notify you that you have been accepted and you can log into your affiliate manager and copy and paste link codes. The process is easy and most sites spell it out in the easiest way possible.

Q: Ok I am ready to make some big bucks show me some good affiliate programs!

A: Click here for an updated list of online adult affiliate programs - a great way to make passive income!