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The Sybian Sex Machine (as seen on Howard Stern)

OK, I admit this is a jump in experience level from my articles so far.  To the plain vanilla type the Sybian is a seemingly far-out concept, �A sex machine?  Isn�t that creepy and inhuman?�  Well, regardless of this article, some people will still think that way, but the Sybian has very practical applications for the "Sybian rider", especially for women seeking to learn more about their sexual functioning and for those who want a more powerful (or multiple) orgasm. 

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This video is from google video - Carmen Electra riding the Sybian on Howard Stern show.

What is a Sybian?  The Sybian is a 22 pound electrically powered mount that you can straddle and sit down on.  Imagine being on a horse with a vibrating and gyrating saddle horn that you lower yourself onto and you�ll get the picture.  Shaped like half a barrel flat side down with interchangeable shafts for your riding pleasure, it sits on the floor and becomes the bucking bronco of the sex world. The rotation and vibration are controlled by remote, so either the rider or the observer can alter the exact intensity of the experience.  Some people like the remote control to be used by someone facing away from them for a �surprise� ride.

Where does the name come from?  (taken from the Sybian website)  �The Sybian sex machine's name is derived from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southern Italy, famous as a center of luxurious living. A Sybarite is defined as a person who likes luxurious things so we now refer to the owners of SYBIAN by that name.�

Who can use it?  Sybian has machines made especially for women, for men, or for couples.  I concentrate on the women�s model in particular because of its G-spot applications.

What is the ride like?  While I haven�t ridden one myself, many women have claimed that they have enjoyed multiple, �screaming� orgasms while being a Sybian rider.  Specifically, some use its flexibility and fine-tuned control to really home in on their G-spot and learn how to have vaginal orgasms.  Others use it for joint vaginal/clitoral orgasms or to learn how to have multiple orgasms. Others just use it because it�s a new sensation and they want to spice up their sex lives!

Sybian offers different attachments for different uses:  G-spot stimulation (the G-Max), clitoral stimulation (the Flat Top), Double Insertion (for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration) and of course various sizes of shafts shaped like penises (Large, Extra Large and Jumbo).  Its padded seat also offers vibration for the clitoral region.

How much is the Sybian?  The Sybian  costs around $1400 per machine with a 45 day money-back guarantee (less reconditioning costs, usually around $125).  While the price seems steep, testimonials on various internet sites have many people vouching for it being well worth the money.  Sybian claims to have a less than 1% return for any kind of repair, and although many people purchase it with the intent of returning it after the 45 day trial period, most people hold on to it and pay the full price because they like it so much.

Why would anybody buy a $1400 sex machine?  The Abco Corporation, which manufactures the Sybian, has received feedback from many previously non-orgasmic women who have learned to have one or many orgasms using the Sybian machine.  Since the Sybian is, after all, a machine, its endurance level is high enough that a woman can stay mounted until she achieves multiple orgasms, which can be difficult to do with a non-superhuman partner.  Since the Sybian is doing the �heavy lifting�, a woman�s partner can participate by concentrating on other areas of her body, making the experience less mechanical and more personal.

The learning potential on this machine is more than you can get from hand-held toys, so if you�re somebody that has difficulty reaching orgasm, give it a whirl.  The woman-on-top position allows the rider to find more effective penetration angles for G-spot stimulation and allows her to experience purely vaginal orgasms; this knowledge can then be transferred to actual intercourse with a partner for more satisfying sex play in the future.

If you have a medical condition affecting your sexual functions talk to your doctor about whether this machine can help you or not.  Even if you have nothing to learn, the experience is unique and can spice up the ordinary sex life.

Many people who enjoy sex parties have group experiences on the Sybian by making it available to their party guests.  This way, everybody gets to take a ride (I�d advise using a new condom on each shaft if you ever share a machine this way).  Seymore Butts has been known to make Sybian movies, as do other porn producers.