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VirtuaGirl HD hits 300 Girls


Starting as a small site back in the day, the European company VirtuaGirl has announced this week that it has reached a milestone. Since launching it's newest site VirtuaGirlHD last year the company has gained over 1.2 million users and on May 5th, 2008 had released their 300th girl. As one person said, "Now horny gamers don't have to settle for one virtual girl they can have an entire harem!"

VirtuaGirl offers several free windows based  programs that offer a new daily stripper on your desktop. The more classic programs such as VirtuaGirl2 , StripSaver , and the all male strippers VirtuaGuy have been around for years but is was not till VirtuaGirl HD came along that the company has seen such success.

The free software downloads on to your PC with much ease and a 100% guarantee by VirtuaGirl the the software contains "No Adware, No Spyware, No Virus". After the user downloads the software he or she will automatically get a new virtual girl or guy (depending on the program) every morning. The images and dancers are shot with high production value and offer an entertaining way to help pass the day.  If the idea of turning on your PC first thing and the morning and having the PC return the favor  appeals to you... this software is for you!

The company has run an aggressive advertising campaign with a robust Affiliate program titled TotemCash the company offers webmasters easy means of creating passive income. VirtuaGirl says it pays for signups, rebills and more. The company encourages its affiliates with user groups, online help and promotional tips and ideas. All this with the general idea if affiliates make money the company makes money.



The company does not only cash in on the Virtual Strippers but also offers different types of porn downloads with two sites: VideoHub which offers free DIVX and WMV samples and VIProom which offers fetish specific videos and downloads. It is clear that with its diverse spectrum of priducts the VirtuaGirl company is establishing itself as an online force to be reckoned with. The high quality production values along with the free SAFE content make their products attractive to mainstream adults. 

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