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Gay Hanky Code / Gay Bandanas / Flagging

Even back in the days of famous gay writer Oscar Wilde, special codes were used by gays to identify one another. Back the the famous blue carnation was place in the lapel of a jacket. It was a sort of secret handshake that would later evolve into a more complex series of codes and understandings.

Today Handkerchiefs placed in the back right or left pocket are used to identify not only gay men but also their sexual preferences and roles. a handkerchief in the left pocket usually represents a Top, Dom, Giver; while a handkerchief in the right pocket represents a Bottom, Submissive, Taker. The colors of the hanky symbolizes the type of sexual activity desired by the barer. In recent years the hanky was replaced by colored stripes (piping) on leather and rubber chaps as well on cod pieces and jock strap colors and many other fetish gear. Another place the color often appears aside from the traditional bandana is on arm bands - worn on left = top, worn on right = bottom, worn on both = versatile.

The following is a partial list of the gay hanky code meanings. The reason it is partial is because there are many obscure colors that are not commonly found. If you feel left out or would like me to add more, please email me and I would be happy to add your gay hanky code. Also please remember that just because someone has a hanky in his pocket it does not mean that he is gay.

Color Left = Top   Color Right = Bottom
Red Fister   Red Likes getting fisted
Black Heavy sadist   Black Heavy masochist
Yellow Likes to piss   Yellow Likes to be pissed on
Light Blue Wants oral   Light Blue Wants to give oral
Navy Blue Top anal sex   Navy Blue Bottom anal sex
Teal Blue Cock and ball sadist   Teal Blue Cock and ball masochist
Grey Top bondage   Grey Bottom bondage
White Jerk me off   White I jerk you off
Brown Scat top   Brown Scat bottom
Olive Military top   Olive Military bottom
Fuchsia Spanker   Fuchsia Like to be spanked
Tan Smokes cigars   Tan Likes cigar smokers
Checkered Safe Sex Top   Checkered Safe Sex Bottom
Hunter green Daddy   Hunter green Boy